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Vaibhav KhannaVaibhav Khanna 

Fetching Call Center Settings in Apex Class

How can I get the call center settings defined by the user (in Name>Setup>Customize>Call Center>Call Centers ) in my apex class.


Never worked with this sObject but the object is defined as createable, queryable, retreveable, replicatable. Because we can query it, the fields you should have access to is 


Version, SystemModstamp, Name, LastModifiedDate, LastModifiedById, InternalName, Id, CustomSettings, CreatedDate, CreatedById, AdapterUrl


So you could make a query like so 


Select c.Version, c.SystemModstamp, c.Name, c.LastModifiedDate, c.LastModifiedById, c.InternalName, c.Id, c.CustomSettings, c.CreatedDate, c.CreatedById, c.AdapterUrl From CallCenter c


and add


Where c.CreatedById =:UserInfo.getUserId();

Vaibhav KhannaVaibhav Khanna

Thank you Alex for your reply, I was able to get the General Call Center information using this sObject but still I cannot get the Server Information which is there in the settings like the API URL and Port.


If you could help me with this then it would be of great help for me.


Thank you,



As I am unfamiliar with CTI systems and have yet to work on them, the only advice I can give you is the user guides.


Please take a look at the following URL:




Abdeltif NouqratAbdeltif Nouqrat
Hi Vaibhav,

I'am facing the same problem, how to get callcenter settings using Apex class. Did find any solution to get all the callcenter settings ?
Using an SOQL Select query on the CallCenter object I could return some settings such as "Adapter URL", "UseAPI", etc. but not other settings that proper to my softphone.
I'll appreciate your feedback.

Kind regards.