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NAMESPACE means What?

NAMESPACE means What?


Namespace prefixes are used in managed Force.com AppExchange packages to differentiate custom object and field names from those in use by other organizations. 



your field name - test__c

and your Namespace name is "app" then resultant field name will be "app__test__c".


It is very usefull feature so that the API name of Manage package should not conflict with native fields API Name.


Just a follow on to this...I have a client that has a third party package installed in their production instance, let's call it abc.   So, there are now fields in production called abc__field1__c, abc__field2__c, etc.


My client wants me to add these fields to visualforce pages that I have built for them.  The problem is that the third party package provider is saying that we cannot install the package in the sandbox for "technical reasons".  So, that creates a couple problems, sandbox and production are out of sync and I have no way of getting fields in the sandbox called abc__field1__c, abc__field2__c, etc.  


Is there a work around?  


Am I crazy here?  It seems to me that it is completely unacceptable that the third party does not have a way to have their package in both the sandbox and production, right?