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vishwa attikerivishwa attikeri 

Need help on Work Flow



any one can help on the below  issue,


i want to update the case field using work flow when  email is sent 


my condition is it should check if 

1) Toaddress does not contains @gmail.com (if the To address will have one email address Ex:   test@gmail.com)

Update case field




2) Toaddress contains @gmail.com and doesnot contains @gmail.com(if To addres contain more than one email address  Ex: test@gmail.com ,test@yahoo.com)

update case field




On which object are you writing the workflow? Email are stored as part of Tasks. And from that, you cannot update a field in Case. 

vishwa attikerivishwa attikeri

Hi Rajesh,


Thanks for your replay , i am writing workflow on Emailmessage 


I guess the Workflow Rule Criteria you're trying to write needs to be written in a formula syntax and cannot be written in a Conditional format .


One more thing I think what you want is to when your Rule Criteria  satisfies you want to do a Field Update and Email that can be very easily by choosing from Workflow Actions .


Make sure that you are not complicating the thing by thinking "Update a field when Email is sent " . No such thing really exists.Field Update and Email are just concurrent process .


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