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Abhijeet Purohit01Abhijeet Purohit01 

Problem with system.now()

There is a statement called


so.Last_Stage_Change__c = system.now();

system.debug('Current time:'so.Last_Stage_Change__c);



and the value of so.Last_Stage_Change__c should be today's date and time which is 10/4/2012 hh:mm:ss


but am getting yesterday's date and time. I mean the value which is being assigned to so.Last_Stage_Change__c is 10/3/2012 hh:mm:ss


Can anyone tell me what is the problem here and how does this system.now() work?






System.now() will return time and date as per timezone specified while Org Creation..This could be one of the reason, why there is difference in timings. Please ask your system administrator to look into this.

Abhijeet Purohit01Abhijeet Purohit01

Ok. And does this time zone changes automatically w.r.t the country from where I login ?


TestClasses run as per system mode i.e. mean as specified in Org, Try finding out TimeZone from

MyPersonal Information --->Personal Information .

 and lemme know with your place of login.


if your place of login is india, then Timezone is +5.30 GMT

Abhijeet Purohit01Abhijeet Purohit01

Time Zone is   (GMT+05:30) India Standard Time (Asia/Calcutta).


I need both Timezones


Timezone set in your Org and Timezone as per your login Place

Abhijeet Purohit01Abhijeet Purohit01

One is India and another is Canada.




There is a difference of 09:30 hrs between both the timings, 


for eg:

GMT +5:30 - GMT+4:00 = 09:30 hrs. So,need to worry in that case.


Move on

Abhijeet Purohit01Abhijeet Purohit01

OK. What steps do I need to follow then?


What you want to achieve from this?


SalesForce stores all your data as per Your Org Timezone.


If your working on TestClasses, you don't need to concern at all. As it wont actually commit data to the DB.

Maurice KremerMaurice Kremer



Will this help you in any way?

datetime myDateTime = datetime.now();
system.debug(myDateTime.format('MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss', 'America/New_York'));
system.debug(myDateTime.format('MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss', 'Europe/Amsterdam'));
system.debug(myDateTime.format('MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss', 'Pacific/Fiji'));


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