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How to connect to to SQL Server database

How to connect to to SQL Server database. What is the procedure

calling database using webservice and take the data from webservice is one option



What task are you trying to accomplish? If you are attempting to extract data from Salesforce into SQL/Server then grab a copy of CopyStorm (www.capstorm.com). I use this product in production. If  you want to fetch SQL/Server from within the apex environment then you will need to create a web service SFDC can call out to to fetch SQL/Server data (not all that hard -- I also do this in production environments).

Osvald MarkusOsvald Markus
Take a look at Skyvia (https://skyvia.com/data-integration/integrate-salesforce-sql-server)- this web-based service can easily connect your Salesforce and SQL Server database, just in several clicks. No coding required and free plan available.