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How to access one user data into another user?

I am creating two users one is administrator another one is sanded user.

I entered data into object from both users.

But one entered data is not visible to another.

But i need see and access two users entered data into both users.

Is it possible please give me explanation with an example



Are you trying to access records owned by the system administrator as a standard user?  


You need to look into your sharing settings to fix this.. 


Profiles in Salesforce are used to restrict object visibilty i.e., Schema of your environment..


Roles in Salesforce are used for record visibility..


Here are the problem is with the Roles of 2 users and not the profiles...


I understand that both the user profile has access to object as both can enter data into it..


What you need to look into is.. 


Setup -> Admin setup -> Security Control -> Sharing settings -> Select the object that you are working on from the dropdown 

Change the Organization wide defaults as public readonly or public read write..


Now try to see the data of another user and it will show..