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Dont want to display SalesForce Url in Live Agent Chat Window

Hi Everyone,


I'm in a great need where I dont want to show SalesForce url in Live chat Window (Clients website shows different url and live chat window shows SalesForce's URL which might make customers of my client to think that he is in different place)


Please let me know if atleast one of the assuming points shown below can be done. If yes, how is it possible?


1. I've tried to hide the address bar in the Live Agent Chat Window


2. Can I replace url with string ex: replacing "apex/chat_window" with "Live Agent Chat Window"


3. When customer clicks Chat Button, it has to open the salesforce chat window but has to to show my client's web page url

(I know it is not at all possible..but still having a chance to complete my task)


Note: I've gone through the window, location objects in Java Script  but still not succeeded.




I wan to use live agent web chat in  salesforce.
Did i need to install any app for that option
Please do help me