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issue with my URL - too long -

Hi dear community,


I have a big issue with my product URL when i will add a product to an opportunity i have a trigger who will get the url of my product image.


The problem i that the Url field is limited to 255 so i was thinking about using a Long Text Area field but if i'm using the Long Text Area i can't do any preview using a Formula with a  Return Type equal to Text (using rthe IMAGE() function) formula looks like doesn't work with it.


So i tried to find a solution but it looks like i kind find any .

Does anyone can help?






If you don't have to input each link manually, or they don't change too much, you can try to use a formula field, and make the url using the HYPERLINK() function. I believe the maximum length would then be somewhere around 1300 characters.


it's not manually all is automatic, i can use hyperlink with my long text area?


You choose Formula for the field type, and then choose of type text. Then try to use the HYPERLINK(LINK_GOES_HERE, TEXT_SHOWN) function.


I'm sorry it doesn't work...


Error: You referenced an unsupported field type called "Long Text Area" using the following field: URL__c