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Interview question: Awaiting replies from experts



Interview question: Awaiting replies from experts


Q: I have the following requirement. Please write a trigger for it

I have two objects Leave_Application__c and Leave__c 

Leave__c has Master Detail relationship with Leave_Application__c

There is a picklist field in Leave_Application__c object named Status__c

Now whenever a Status__c field is updated to the value "Approved"  a recordshould be created in Leave__c object . Newly created record will have one field that is Leave_Application_No__c and that should be set to the trigger ID.



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trigger slaCheck on Leave_Application__c(after Update, after Insert)
    for(Leave_Application__c acc:trigger.New)
        if(Leave_Application__c.Status__c == 5)
            Leave__c con = new Leave__c(Leave_Application_No__c  = ur value, Leave_Application__c=acc.ID);
            Insert con;



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