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Re rendering with rich text field..



Am using wrapper class in adding new row and deleting row functionality...


when we click button on addrow link,new row gets added...when we click delete button on a particular row,the row gets deleted...


am getting an error while trying to use rerender in the delete button, it gets rendered to pageblock table where am using rich text field...


getting an error as : Rerender is not currently supported with rich text editing enabled.


If i try to remove the rerender,then the row was not getting deleted.......can anyone help me to solve this issue..


Thanx in advance!!





Can you paste ur code.


Delete Method that I have used in the class :


public List<FulfillWrapper> wrappers {get; set;}

public static Integer toDelIdent {get; set;}

 private Integer nextIdent=0;


//Delete Functionality


public void delWrapper()
  Integer toDelPos=-1;
  for (Integer idx=0; idx<wrappers.size(); idx++)
   if (wrappers[idx].ident==toDelIdent)
  if (-1!=toDelPos)




 public class FulfillWrapper

 public Problems__c acc {get; private set;}


 public FulfillWrapper(Integer inIdent)

INC = [select id from Assessment__c where id=:Apexpages.currentpage().getparameters().get('id')];

acc=new Problems__c(Assessment__c;





On Page :


<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!wrappers}" var="wrapper" id="wtable">


         <apex:column headerValue="Problem">
            <apex:inputfield value="{!wrapper.acc.Problem_Content__c}"/>


       <apex:column headerValue="Action">
            <apex:commandButton value="Delete" action="{!delWrapper}" rerender="wtable">
               <apex:param name="toDelIdent" value="{!wrapper.ident}" assignTo="{!toDelIdent}"/>



From the above....


Problem_Content__c is Richtextfield....



When you don't have a rerender on your commandbutton, any nested parameters don't get passed through and are null when your action method runs.  I suspect this is because when you remove the rerender you remove the AJAXness, but I've never seen anything documented around this.


The way I've handled this is to have a hidden input field that contains the ID and to set the value into that through javascript before executing the action method.  That way the value is updated in the same way that all the other input fields are and is available to my controller.


Hi  bob.


Can u please tell me how to have a hidden input field with id and setting the value through java script before executing the method...


Can you please help me with this? 



Thanks in Advance!!


A hidden field is just that:


  <apex:inputHidden id="chosen" value="{!chosenRec}" />


and you can set the value in JS via something like:


  function setChosenAnswer(chosenAnswer)