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Insufficient preveilege Error in Submit button click at VF page


I am facing a problem while trying to run a VF page which has some input fields and submit will insert data in an object.
While clicking submit, it is showing

Insufficient previlege Error.

But I have checked VF page, Class, Object all have field level security arrangment proper.
Also Profile level setting is ok.
So what can be other reason for it.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Andrew WilkinsonAndrew Wilkinson

I have received this when the page does not exist. What page are you returning in your page reference?


Are any child objects also getting inserted here? Permissions for inserting child objects are also needed then.


Does the user has access to the page that he is directed to after saving?



Thanks for reply.

yes. The returning page has access to user.I have also tested by void return.  I am using system admin profile.
Also Child objects had access. 

I am totally clueless about this situation.