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Force.com IDE install problem: pulse doesn't actually install the needed packages



I'm doing a fresh install of the IDE downloaded Nov 20.  Install sequence appears to work, the basic Eclipse Provisioning Workbench comes up.


But none of the SFDC features seem to have actually been installed--the menu items are generic and it seems that the features are waiting to be fully installed.  I select the HELP menu, select the Software and Workspace center.  In the Dashboard view, the summary of software shows Eclipse Platform and SDK, Force.com IDE, and Pulse Services and Extensions as being in a state of "To Install".  Looking in the About This Profile area (lower left of screen) the install state is shown as "Not Currently Installed."  The "Install This Profile" area (to the right of the About area) makes it LOOK like all you have to do is push the big green button to affect the install.


But the button isn't a button:  it's just a dead icon.


What am I missing????  I know I'm blind and stupid and everything, but I honestly can't see how to proceed.


System is running WinXP Pro on JDK 1.7 update 9.  Force.com IDE installer file is nominally, but the actual payload that's supposed to be inswtalling is v26 of the IDE.


Some progress...I uninstalled everything (including all the registry keys associated with Eclipse), deleted all straggling files, then reinstalled from scratch.


This time, the state of the IDE indicates "everything is installed now" -- but I think it's just pretending.


The main Eclipse Window is still labeled "Eclipse Provisioning" and none of the perspectives look right.  I can't select my workspace, and if I try to create a Force.com project it blows up halfway thru.


Is the installer for v26 of the IDE broken??????



Update:  the MacOS version of the v26 installer works perfectly.


Everyting installs right the first time, no surprises, all functionality is there from the first minute.


SO the moral of the story is 32-bit windows installer is broken in at least two ways:

   - when you first try to run, the config.ini file makes the 32-bit JDK blow up (you need to comment out the JVM parameters at the end of that file...at least on winXP)

   - once you get the core IDE running, the Force functionality is not actually installed


Anyone want to take bets that the guys who write/test the installer are actually running Macs?

Jeff LJeff L

I've seen several posts regarding this issue with 32-bit Force.com IDE installer.  I'm seeing the issue on 32-bit Windows 7.  It seems to have been a problem for a few months now, so I would expect SFDC to have addressed the problem.  Is there a simple answer to getting around this, short of switching to Mac or 64-bit Windows?