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Test Class Mock User

Hi , Can we create a mock user for testclass along with the Role 


For Eg: 'Custom Profile' with 'Manager Role'


I am able to retrive both Profile id and role id. of which assining it to the new users respective Field.


But i am unable to get the user Created as it Throws an MIXED_DML_OPERATION.


also tried with the workaround from Blogs to use @future annotation. by this it excecutes fine but dose not asign the role in the Context.


Please leme know if i am missing anything.

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Imran MohammedImran Mohammed

Can you post the code, so that I/someone can see that and provide a solution?


Hi Imran Bhai,

Thanks for the reply,

below is the snippet.

Inside Test class
static User createMockUser(Id profileId ,Id Roleid) {
          User u = new User(alias = 'TestUser', email='p***n.m****l@***.com',
          emailencodingkey='UTF-8', lastname='Testing', 
          languagelocalekey='en_US', localesidkey='en_US', profileid = profileId,UserRoleId=Roleid,
          timezonesidkey='America/Los_Angeles', username= + 'p***n.m****l@***.com');
          insert u;
          return  u; 
    static User createMockUserForProfileAndRole(String profileName,String RoleName) {
       Profile p = [SELECT Id FROM profile WHERE name like :profileName limit 1];
       UserRole ur =[SELECT Name, DeveloperName from UserRole WHERE Name=:RoleName LIMIT 1];

       return createMockUser(,;
static testMethod void testMe(){




Any  clue...

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Hi, @sfdcfox you saved me.

I got to know with link you shared that Mixed DML Operations can be performed with the System.RunAs();


Thats exactly what i was looking for.