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Dont Share Content File with all users



Is there any way not to share all the content files with other users.

I like know to sharing setting with respect to file ,not with respect to the libray folder.




Jia HuJia Hu
Use following query,
List<ContentDocumentLink> apl = [Select Sharetype, LinkedEntityId from ContentDocumentLink where LinkedEntityId = '00DN00000005TxWMAU' ]; // 18 digits org. ID
to find out which file is share to your org.

If you delete them, then all the files will not be shared in the org. but shared with specific users.

But I suggest you be careful with this. If you delete this sharing of the file on the Profile page, then you can't access this file in the Chatter,....

Jai Hu.


Thanks for the reply.

Reuqirment what I accept is something different.

Moreover contacted the support they tols it is impossible to share each content file with respect to users other

than library sharing.So I moved to use attachment.