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After Update > Kick off a Flow

I am attempting to initiate a visual workflow upon the saving of an opportunity that meets certain criteria. The criteria are rather simple:

  1. The record type = "Standard New Business"
  2. The stage = "Closed Won" OR "Closed Lost"

If, upon save, the Opp is Closed Won, then I want to kick off a flow called "StandardOppWon." If Closed Lost, then kick off the flow "StandardOppLost."


I'm not even sure if kicking off flows via a trigger is possible, but this is the place to find out, right?! Can anyone help me get started in the right direction. I am a button-click admin who loves flows and understands them pretty well, but Apex triggers are a pretty new game for me.



Hi tengel - By chance did you ever get a solution to this?  I have a very similar requirement.

thank you
Hey Jason, looks like a pilot program to launch flows via workflow rules will be released in pilot in the upcoming Spring 14 release, you can read about it here: Good luck, Tom
Hey Tom - Thank you for quick response and information.  Unlike you I'm a bit new to flows.  I've been coding in SFDC for a few years, so I'm much more familiar with Apex and Visualforce.  My situation is that once the opportunity goes to 'Closed Won' I want to navigate the user to a new page and request additional information.  Based on what I read in the 'flow trigger' release notes, the flow can not require user interaction (screen, step or Apex Plugin) and unfortunately I need user interaction as part of my flow.  If you have any other thoughts or ideas I would like to hear them.

Thank you again for the information.

Hmm, yea that’s sort of weird. I guess we will have to wait to play around with it. I’m not sure what use cases Salesforce is thinking of here. I guess trigger-ready flows that don’t allow for user interaction are designed to allow a button-click admin (like myself) to automate some back-end process, like updating many records, creating records, etc. that could only previously be done by coding some Apex. Still a nice feature, but I hope that SF eventually allows for launching flows that DO require user input.