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Live chat in Salesforce


I'm setup salesforce Live chat..

I'm having problem in live chat button visible.The code added to footer & the chat button is added I have pasted the code.

The button is added on the side bar at the top. I have removed the old chat button code added to the content in that page. But the chat button is not visible.


Please help me..



Have you added a button icon for the code to render?  From memory, the code that you paste in doesn't render anything on the page if you haven't done that.


Hi Bob..Thanks for giving reply..



        Here i have some links (https://dashboard.liveagentforsalesforce.com/support/Buttons-Links/how-to/58).In this link they are stating that i should have Live agent Account Dashbord accounut.I have login in to that account & i have copy some code and merge in my button code.Do i have really do that.(https://dashboard.liveagentforsalesforce.com/account/dashboard)








Hi Bob...More over its prompting me to a page to sing up Account Dashboard Account.Please check the below links






This looks like you are setting up the old Activa live chat. Is there any reason why you aren't using the version embedded in Salesforce?


Hi Bob,



I'm using Salesforce Embedded live Agent application in enterprise account...I have setup everthing...I have pasted the deployment and and as well the Chatbuttons code on my website....Here is the link(http://www.advancedhomeenergy.com/rebates.php)..You can go through my link...Please help me....