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Article Ratings not visible in salesforce

Hi Everyone,


I want to display the article rating stars available in salesforce articles in the customer portal...but didnt get any way to display them in customer portal in order to make customers to rate our articles.


As per the salesforce knowledge overview document....


Rating Articles: Internal app, Customer Portal, and partner portal users can rate articles on a scale of 1 to 5 stars and view the average rating for an article. Average ratings are not static. Every 15 days, if an article has not received a new vote, its average moves up or down according to a half-life calculation. This change ensures that over time, older or outdated articles don't maintain artificially high or low ratings compared to newer, more frequently used articles. Articles without recent votes trend towards an average rating of 3 stars. The Articles tab also allows users to compare the ratings for different articles and sort the list view according to highest or lowest rated articles.


I've done everything..like gone through the profile settings, user settings, provided additional permission sets..but still didnt work for me...



Note: I've used Public Knowledge Base App to display the articles in the customer portal..


They have provided a answer in the below link...http://success.salesforce.com/questionDetail?qId=a1X30000000IVX7EAO....PKB2 doesnot support this..but requirement is on my head. I want to display that at any cost.


So please someone help me in this regard and make me to display the article rating stars in the customer portal website.







You can retrieve the actual score of an article using the API by doing a query on this object: KnowlegeArticleVoteStat.


If you want to allow authenticated customer to be able to vote, you will have to create a Vote record where parentId is KnowledgeArticleId.