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Field level security issue.

Hi all,

 I have a field like Oppertunity currency(standered field) in Oppertunity object. After created the oppertunity nobody are able to edit the currency field. So how can i change the filed tobe editable to all when update the oppertunity


pls help me out

Jia HuJia Hu
Just click the Name of the Field, and click the button 'Set Field-Level Security' and then you can revise it for each profile.

You can go to the detail page of each profile, update the filed-level security will also work.

You can edit the currency of an opportunity as long as there are no opportunity line items present - if you have these, you'll need to delete them first.


Thanks for your response.


The fileld Oppertunity Currency is standered field. I am System Admin, even though i am unable to edit that field.

If i select the 'Set Field level Security' button, i did n't find any options to change the access. I tried second solution aswell.

but not resolved. please guide regarding this issue.




You can't change the field level security of that field as far as I am aware.


According to the help, if its on the page and you have no products, you can update the currency:




Thanks for your response.


Thats exactly right. I need to change the existing functionality. so please guide me what i need to do to resolve the issue.


Because customers everytime wants to change their local currency. what we are doing everytime clone the oppertunity record


and delete the records and change the currency. that is very defficulty to us.


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That's what you have to do I'm afraid.  You could write some code that does this for them - e.g. a visualforce page where they choose the new currency, and the controller deletes the products, changes the currency and then adds the products back again.


Hi I am new to salesforce development. can you please send me sample code for the above issue if it is possible.


Sorry, I don't have any sample code for this.