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How to check response oh http Post request.

I'm making a page in which i'm uploading a file to Amazon and i'm using:


<form id="formId" action=""
        method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">


this method.


now i want to check the response of post request..but not getting how?

plz help...

thanks in advance



Shivanath DevnarayananShivanath Devnarayanan

I dont know if this is going to help you , but have you tried the developer tools in the the browser .. You an press F12 to make it appear

thanks for help...

let me xplain you problem....when i send file to Amazon it gives me response in a link:




but i want 2 give some status about file transfer succesfully send or not..without open link..

i'm nt figured out how?