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Apex Test Coverage - Inherited Org.

Inherited Org Test Coverage Low


I just inherited an instance which test coverage is well below the 75% required to deploy anything.  What are people's reccomendations?


I know I should try to fix everything and bring coverage up 100% but I'm just beginning to learn apex so wanted to know if i could get a work around for the time being.  



Many thanks.  


100% is usally not achievable (especially if proper error checking is in place, since some "problems" may not be simulated), but an admirable goal would be 90%. Many orgs lack a proper developer and so skimp on testing until the time comes when it needs to be done (as it sounds like you're in). As a quick "workaround", I'd suggest you just aim for those triggers or classes that have <50% coverage first and bring them up to 75%; that usually fixes the problem in an org that has many 75%+ tested classes but a few untested or poorly tested classes.