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Please Help Custom Web To Lead [ Call Method]



a webform collects users information, has 1,2,3,4 steps , 


Currently all infomation is collected from the website is creating a record in every step of the website form,


That is, 

User one fills out the form in step one if they continue to step 2, a record is created in Salesforce, the user continues to step 3 of the form a new record is also created until the form is in step four which also creates a new record in Salesforce, making it 3 of the same record.


I need to know how can I create a call method that allows the records in Salesforce not to be Created but instead Updated based on the user's email address during a form creation.



That is when the initial record is created in Salesforce it includes an email address, so when the user goes to step two, instead of creating a new record in salesforce, it should be updated with the new record information.


Please this is quite urgent HELP.



I see you marked this urgent and have gotten no answers.... do you still need this, as I will make a couple of suggestions if you have not accomplished this yet.

Hello Tom


Yes i still do; please your suggestions will be very helpful




Wow! I just tested what you are doing and sure enough if you submit before the form is completely filled it will generate another record each time you submit... I am used to Constant Contact which simply looks to see if that email is already on file and does an update and not a dupe record. I will play with a trigger that will check for an existing email and update vice insert but I am sure one of the Master Programmer's here will jump in and give you a faster solution.... it must exist.. since the same email could register a thousand times and screw up your data base royally.... maybe something about setting up the email field for unique and then update vice insert would work... l will play with it this weekend.... meanwhile a Master may jump in....

Thanks you for getting back to me,


Thanks I lookforward to your solution to this issue next week.




May I ask why you want to trap every single box filled instead of waiting till they fill in the required boxes and hit submit?

How are you making it submit on each box entry.. are you using javascript on the form?

It can be done, but would be a lot more worthwhile to work on it if I understood the need to capture each box fill or worse yet are you capturing each keypunch meaning you might have 100+ records generate for each sign up....


Its best to make the important boxes mandatory and then only when they submit the completed form enter them into the data base...  So if its that important I have a few ideas..... but does not make sense... so please explain... Thanks


On re-reading it looks like you have 4 steps meaining as they fill in each page.. and submit you get 4 records per form fill in...
One way would be to capture each page submission on the server in lets say a php file and then and only on the final submission sent the final result of all the fields to Salesforce...
Otherwise a possible trigger could be set on insert to check for an existing email and update that record each time.. Should not be too hard to set up....

Here is another method... when each page is submitted and it brings up the next page to fill in, the submission button can call up the next page and auto place all the fields from the last page in a hidden field. So as you go page by page, all data will be forwared to the next page as hidden.. then when the last page submission button is hit.. goes to Sales Force so you only have one record. 

Pretty easy to set up ... do you have PHP, Asp or Visual Force pages.

If you want to send me the URL of the site i will be happy to offer suggestions as how best to accomplish the mission.


Hello Tom

My Apologise for the late reply,

The Marketing manager wants to track unfinished forms...

But im stuck on how to go about doing the update, for example update the record based on the email address in the system. Now if this is the case, i need to create a trigger like you said..

Can you give me an example of a trigger that updates a record based on the email address.


thanks again for helping wiht this.