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Multiselect picklist

Hi ,


I am trying to search using Multi select picklist but my code is working for only picklist.



public List<String> technologies {
get {
if (technologies == null) {

technologies = new List<String>();
Schema.DescribeFieldResult field = Contact.test__c.getDescribe();

for (Schema.PicklistEntry f : field.getPicklistValues())

return technologies;


Can any one convert this code to Multi select picklist.


Thanks in advance.




Your code is correct in returning a list of picklist values; I tried it on my own multi-select picklist


However, you mentioned searching ..the Apex field value for a multiselect field appears as 'xxx;yyy;zzz' if xxx, yyy, and zzz were selected by the user for the SObject in question.  You didn't say whether you were doing SOQL seraches or just APEX code searches


For SOQL, refer to: http://boards.developerforce.com/t5/Apex-Code-Development/How-to-retrieve-multi-select-picklists-using-includes-excludes/td-p/172210