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SOQL help.

Hi, For efficiency I need to gather all with a single SOQL; however can someone point me how to achive a lookup type scenario with a single SOQL; Some snippet I have:


for(Contact cnt_old:oldContacts) { List cnt = [select email from Contact where id =: cnt_old.masterrecordid];


I need to use masterrecordid due to delete happens from a merge action and get other cols of the winning records.


After getting winning records/cols I then need to relate to oldContacts....both queries are on same contact obj

So, now I have select within For loop, which I need to avoid, thanks!

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Jake GmerekJake Gmerek

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you want, but it should give you an idea on how to get started:


List <id> contactIds = new List<Id>();

for(Contact cnt_old:oldContacts){

List<contacts> cnt = new List<Contact>([select email from Contact where id IN: contactIds]);

Map<ID, List<Contact>> lookup = new map<ID, List<contact>();

for(Contact cnt_old:oldContacts){
  if (lookup.get(cnt_old.id) == NULL){
     lookup.put(cnt_old.id, new List<Contact>());
  for (contact c: cnt){
    if (cnt.id == cnt_old.masterrecordid){