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Dupe Catcher



We have dupe catcher installed for our organization. I have batch loaded a list of leads using the import wizard. Dupecatcher did not stop the duplicate records from entering into salesforce. In appexchange I found that dupe catcher will not stop the duplicate records when a mass upload using data loader or import is done. What is the solution for me to upload a batch of loads and still want the dupe catcher working?



Thank You for your help in advance.




You can write a beforeinsert trigger to achieve this.


Hi Virija:


Very glad to know you like DupeCatcher.  You are correct though, DupeCatcher cannot block duplicates from any sort of a batch process (CSV import, Data Loader import, etc.). 


To manage dedupe on an import file, you might want to take a look at our other data quality product, Cloudingo (http://www.cloudingo.com). 


And of course, please let us know if you need any help or have any questions.




john s.john s.

Coudl you discribe how i have to write an Beforeinsert Trigger for DupeCatcher? 

Are there any examples? 

best regards john s.