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Shailesh DeshpandeShailesh Deshpande 

Mismatch in URLReceived through email alerts and User getting redirected to Home Page.

We have a case where our users create tasks. When they create tasks, they also check the "Send Email Notification" checkbox present on the task. As a result the owner of the task, receives an email containing task details and a link to the task. However, when the user clicks on the link received in the email, he is redirected to the homepage instead of the task record detail page. I did notice one difference in the link present in the email and the actual URL that is required to navigate to the task record.

The atual URL needed to navigate to the records is as below:

https://mycompanydomain----my-salesforce-com- gatewayinfo/recordId

Wheras the URL recieved in the mail is:


I dont understand why this difference in the URL. We are using SSO in our org. Is it the reason? We are also using Cipher Cloud to encrypt/decrypt our data. Can this be one of the reason?

I also tried this for other objects by using Workflow Email Alerts. But the difference in the URL still persists.

What can be donr so that the proper URL is sent in the mail?

Do you have the gatewayinfo ? If yes, you can create your own workflow and email template with the actual link and send that when a task is created.