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Problem with Rerendered

Hi I am displaying 2 subtabs under the visualforce tab,i had a differen list views for each tab,for suppose i select the  one list view in booked order tab again when i am going to change list view in booked orders tab,the page is going to be rerendered in to purchase order tab.can any one help on this it would be great apperciated .


Here is my code

Thanks In adavance


<apex:page controller="DesignToolsController" showHeader="true" tabStyle="Purchase_Order__c" id="pg" >
<apex:pageMessages ></apex:pageMessages>
  <apex:includeScript value="{!$Resource.partner_portal_gaq}"/>
  <!-- set activetab attribute under case#00087202 -->
  <apex:tabPanel value="{!activeTab}" switchType="server" id="OrdersTabPanel">
      <apex:tab label="{!$Label.OrderDetails_PurchaseOrders}" name="PurchaseOrders" id="PurchaseOrdersTab"
       rendered="{!OR(AND(isEUPartnerUser, IsUserAuthorizedToOrder),NOT(isPartnerUser),AND(isNAPremAuth, IsUserAuthorizedToOrder) )}"> 
         <apex:ListViews id="POSelectedView" type="Purchase_Order__c" />
<!-- Adding Booked Orders Tab Sashi-->
      <apex:tab label="{!$Label.BookedOrders}" name="BookedOrders" id="BookedOrdersTab">
              <apex:ListViews id="POSelected" type="oe_order_headers__c" />