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How to insert recod to a custom object from another custom object through a trigger

I am fairy new ,  I did something, Not any apex in the application, DId  objects, forumalas validations etc.  I am actually a relational database guy for 17 yeas. Worked with Oracle PL/SQL.


I read the apex work book, and tried to write the trigger, But did not work . Here is my scenario


I have 2 Objects  Change_Request__c   which is parent and  Change_History__c    which is child.

Whenever I change  the status value in the parent object and save, It must insert a new recod in the child object with parent id as foreign  key.

This should happend for each time the status changed.



Change_Request__c          -Parent


Request No






Status__c  ( Possible values "Approved", "Rejected", "Changed")






Change_History__c            -Child History_No

Request No ( Forign key from other other object)





Request_Date__c Status_changed_by_c ( user modify the record in the other Object

Status__c  ( Changed status in the other obeject)


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Have you looked at the out-of-the-box functionality with Salesforce to capture history? If that works for you, there is no coding required.






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No, The out of box will not work for me. My purpose is different and there will be other information in the child
I need to write trigger on the first object for after update event
Sean TanSean Tan

Something like this should do the trick:


trigger SyncStatusChange on Change_Request__c (after update)
	Change_History__c[] changeHistoryList = new Change_History__c[]{};
	for (Change_Request__c item : Trigger.new)
		if (item.Status__c != Trigger.oldMap.get(item.Id).Status__c)
			changeHistoryList.add(new Change_History__c
				Request_No__c = item.Id,
				Request_Name__c = item.Request_Name__c,
				Change_Type__c = item.Change_Type__c,
				Description__c = item.Description__c,
				Request_Date__c = item.Request_Date__c,
				Status_Changed_By__c = item.LastModifiedBy //Can also change this to UserInfo.getUserId() since triggers always fire in context of who performed the operation
				Status__c = item.Status__c
	if (!changeHistoryList.isEmpty())
		insert changeHistoryList;

Feel free to change the field values as you see fit.