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Edward chanEdward chan 

Unable to declare it

Here are the codes I have:

1 public class StoreFront {
2 public PageReference shop() {
3 public String message;
4 message = 'You bought: ';
5 for (DisplayMerchandise p: products) {
6 if (p.count > 0) {
7 message += p.merchandise.name + ' (' + p.count + ') ';
8 }
9 }
10 return null;
11 }

and here is the error
Error: Compile Error: Illegal modifier on local variable at line 3 column 15


Prafull G.Prafull G.

shop() method has a varibale message which is local and your code uses public identifier.


Please update the variable declaration as "String message;" i.e. remove 'public'




Bindhyachal Kumar SinghBindhyachal Kumar Singh

Hi Edward Chan,


Under the public method you are declaring public member. Thats why it throwing error.


Replace you code with following.

public class StoreFront {
  //  public String message;  If you want to declare message as a public then declare outside of Shop() method.
    public PageReference shop() {
        String message;           //Local variable can not be Public.
        message = 'You bought: ';
        for (DisplayMerchandise p: products) {
            if (p.count > 0) {
                message += p.merchandise.name + ' (' + p.count + ') ';
    return null;


R DraperR Draper

Hi all, I have  a weird note to add to this thread.


I declared this in a trigger body before the winter 14 upgrade:


private List<FieldSetMember> fieldSetMembers;

 and it saved fine, compiled and the trigger worked perfectly.


Now that I am revisiting the trigger to make some edits I get an error for Illegal modifier, which I understand, I just missed it when I was coding originally.  I removed the 'private' and it saved again.  My question is why did it let me save in the first place?  Must be an api version thing.