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Trigger to Pull a field value from One Child Record to Another Child Record

Hi There,


I have 3 objects.


1) Inventory

2) Agreement

3) Banking


Inventory is a lookup field on Agreement.


Agreement is a lookup field on Banking.


We have 2 types of Agreements linked to the same Inventory record.

1) Lease

2) PM


The banking record is automatically created on the Lease agreement when the Lease Agreement Stage = Signed.


The PM Agreement doesn't have a banking record.


There is a field on the PM Agreement called as Management Fee.


I want to pull this Management Fee from the PM Agreement to the Banking Record linked to the Lease Agreement.



Can anyone please suggest a way to this.





Assuming the trigger to be invoked before insertion of banking record
trigger updateMangFee on Banking__c(before insert)
for(Banking__c b:Trigger.new)
Id inventoryRecordId=b.Agreement__r.Inventory__r.Id;
Agreement__c tempAgg=[SELECT Management_Fee__c FROM Agreement__c WHERE Type='PM' AND Inventory__c=:inventoryRecordId];

//assigning the value to banking record
b.Management_Fee__c=tempAgg.Management_Fee__c ;