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License limit exceeded on User trigger



I created a trigger on the User object, to fill a field with the date on which the user was activated, respectively deactivated.


When a new user is created, the current date should also be put in a field. This especially causes a LICENSE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED.

Why exactly is this caused and how can I avoid it?


Here's the code:

trigger userTrigger on User (before update, before insert) {
	private User[] newUser =;
	private User[] oldUser;
	if(Trigger.isUpdate){oldUser = Trigger.old;
		if(oldUser[0].isActive == false && newUser[0].isActive == true){
			newUser[0].Last_Inactive__c =;
		if(oldUser[0].isActive == true && newUser[0].isActive == false){
			newUser[0].Last_Active__c =;
	if(Trigger.isInsert){newUser[0].Last_Inactive__c =;}

 Thanks for the help in advance,




Are you sure you have sufficient licenses to create new users ?

The user limit has reached its maximum, but shouldn't I be able to create a trigger on the object? Or does this trigger create a new user when activated?


Just to be clear, the error message does come up when trying to upload the trigger, not when creating a new User...




There is a limit for creating number of users. May be that limit is exceeded. That may be the reason of the error.


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As most of the times, it always is a problem, when you do not read error message completely.

The error was not caused by the Trigger itself but within a test class, which is creating a test User to cover the User trigger.


Is the test User really counting towards the user limit? Can I test the trigger in another way?