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Not able to schedule a job



I have created a new sandbox from a enterprise org and I am trying to schedule a job using the following code in the sandbox.


String actJobId = System.schedule('ActScheduler', system.now().addSeconds(30).format('ss mm HH dd MM ? yyyy'), new ActivitiesJob2Scheduler());


But it throws the following exception though there is no job for this which is showing under scheduled jobs. 


System.AsyncException: The Apex job named "ActScheduler" is already scheduled for execution.

Does anyone has any idea why this is happening like this and why it is not able to schedule the job.



Kamal Ranjan


The error is Self explanatory,you already have a Job schdeduled with the same name.Please check your Scheduled Jobs under Monitoring Section  and if the Job is present you need to delete it to schedule this one or else you can name this to something other than ActScheduler and then you will be able to do that.


Vinit, I am working on the same problem above. We do not have any jobs scheduled with this name. We hvae checked the Monitoring section and queried the Apexjob records and couldnt see any job with that name. 


Its wierd that we still get this error.




Then I woujld suggest you to log a case with Support,they can remove any hidden job for you :)