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Adding a list of records to Standardsetcontroller records


Does anybody have an idea of how to add a list of records to a Standardsetcontroller records.


List<Order_c> orderlist1 = this.getordheaderList1();
List<Order_c> orderlist2 =(List<Order__c>)this.totalOrders.getRecords();



 It is throwing an error as " collection is Read only" while adding the lists.

 Does anybody have an idea how to implement that.


 I need to show all the list of records on a vf page.


You can use the following code to get the records for standardsetcontroller - 


public ClassConstrc(ApexPages.StandardSetController controller) {
        ApexPages.StandardSetController cntr = (ApexPages.StandardSetController)controller;
        List<order__c> orderList = (List<order__c>)cntr.getRecords();



Hi Rajjj,


I don't understand why are you trying to add ANOTHER list of Records to StandardSetController's records list, when you want to display ALL the records on the visual force page.


I can help you if understand your exact requirement, I have worked several scenarios using Standard Set Controller where I created vf pages with pagination control'




Here "totalorders" is equal to your "cntr" and i am getting records by using totalorders.getRecords() and then type casting to  (List<order__c>)


Like this:


List<Order_c> orderlist2 =(List<Order__c>)this.totalOrders.getRecords();




I have 2 order lists. one is direct orderlist and other is indirect orderlist.


This line will bring indirect orderlists by querying a different table and then using that list I will query the Order__c. That way I get my indirectoderlist.


List<Order_c> orderlist1 = this.getordheaderList1();


The second line will directly get orders from order__c. And that list we get through StandardSetController. These orders are direct orders.


If a company has both direct and indirect orders then we need to show both.

For that purpose i need to add list to otherlist. If it is normal list I can use addAll function. When I am using on this list I am getting collection is Read-only error.


I think we need to use wrapper class. But i havent used them anytime. Can you give me an idea on how to implement my requirement through wrapper class.(I have seen couple of examples but I didn't clearly understood the usage.)



I hope I have explained clearly.


I can explain you wrapper class easily., before that...


why don't you go for a simple solution??


      make a SINGLE SOQL query.




      String qryString = 'select Id,name,field1__c, field2__c,etc from Order__c WHERE Id = null OR typeOfSales__c == \'Direct Sales\' OR typeOfSales__c == \'Indirect Sales\' ';

Public ApexPages.standardSetController TotalSalesSetCon = new ApexPages.StandardSetController(Database.getQueryLocator(qryString));

TotalSalesSetCon.pageSize(20);   //20 records per page;
Integer NoOfRecds = TotalSalesSetCon.getResultSize();   // to test howmany records fetched.



any further help required..


The business model is different.

For direct orders I can query order__c directly.

For indirect orders I need to query shipto__c(object) and then watever the list i get in shipto__c, I need to query in order__c.

We cannot write in a single query. 


If you don't get the scenario, you can say in general whether or not it is possible to add a StandardSetController records type casted to Order__c  and other list of Order__c records.

Salesforce DeveloperSalesforce Developer
Did you get the resolution here, I have a similar requirement, Please suggest !