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Detect changes in child formula field made by parent's update operation

Hi All,

We faced with a real annoying issue and we would like your help....


Praent Object : parentObj

Child Object : ChildObj


There's a formula field in the childObj (childFormulaField), that return 1 or 0 based on fields from parentObj and childObj.

When the parentObj being changed, it caused to the formula field in the childObject also to be changed (childFormulaField).


How can we catch the change in the childObject when the update operation been done on the parentObj (when the childObj being directly changed - than it's OK).


Thanks in advance,



The child object isn't actually changed through this mechanism - the formula field is only re-evaluated when it is retrieved from the database.



If you are changing name of parent Object field then , It will automatically reflect changed name in child object.
If you want to change date type of that field which is allready referenced in the formlua field then some alert is showing that all the records or valus that field containns will be lost after that if you again try to change then some error of salesforce is fired  

ie...Error: Can't change the data type because it's referenced in the following flows, formulas or filters.
   Formula Fields:YourChildObject:formula field.

formula field is excuted when your are displaying some record by retrieving.Here is some link 




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