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Compiler Error? Wrapper classes with Lists

I believe I may have found a compiler issue.  Anyone else run into the following:


I have one wrapper class called anObject.

I have a second wrapper class that contains the fields for each anObject wrapper.


    public class anObject{
        public Boolean isMaster { get; set; }
        public Id sId           { get; set; }
        public aField[] fields  { get; set; }
        public anObject(Id i, aField[] fl, Boolean m){
            fields = fl;
            isMaster = m;
            sId = i;
    public class aField{
        public Boolean checked  { get; set; } // this is the problem variable
        public String value     { get; set; }
        public String apiName   { get; set; }
        public aField(String v, String a){
            this.checked = true;
            this.value = v;
            this.apiName = a;


I translate the sObject into my custom anObject and put them into a list.


public List<anObject> theObjects    { get; set; }


The problem comes when I call the list in a VF page.


    <apex:repeat value="{!theObjects}" var="a">
        <apex:repeat value="{!a.fields}" var="f">
            <input type="radio" name="{!f.apiName}" value="{!f.checked}"/>
            {!f.value} <br/>


Everything works except for the Boolean variable "checked".  It throws me the following error:


Error: /apex/SMLeadMerge: Cannot coerce from class core.apexpages.el.adapters.RuntimeTypeMetadataELAdapter to class java.lang.Boolean




Interesting additional note, if I do the exact same thing but instead of using a list I use a map then the boolean works fine.  


Mitesh SuraMitesh Sura
Hi Redfin,

Did you find the issue? For me list works, but when I replace with map, it gives "Coerce" error. Intrestingly, same logic works just fine on other page.