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Save error: Schedulable class has jobs pending or in progress - Even deleted all jobs

Hi All,


while saving my controller i got error like  "Schedulable class has jobs pending or in progress" .


Note : 1. There s no scheduled jobs based on my controller.

            2. I dont see any scheduled jobs in UI.


Now i m trying to abort the running job which is running invisible.. i really dont know my job id .... Kindly let me know  how i fetch on jobid based on classid?


URGENT .....








SELECT Id, (SELECT id,name FROM AsyncapexJobs) FROM ApexClass WHERE Id =: ApexClassID


You may get the list of ids of jobs for the particular apex class id.


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Have a look at Setup > Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs.

Well doesnt need to be the same class.If Any schedulable class that uses your cotroller/code is scheduled then you will get this error.

Well in addition to the already given answers . Another scenario could be ,it can occur if in any of your Org's Test class OR Run All Test is trying to execute your Scheduler/batch process in that instant of time your respective class will give this error : Schedulable class has jobs pending or in progress .


Once ,this test process will finish then you can work on this class. Also try to remove class name from any of the Apex scheduler (if any) . Try to run /check debug log (if you could) .


HI Mayank,

I am also feel it might be running from test class ... can u please let me know how to get job id ?

I guess, if it is running through Test Method then it will not generate any JobID . Because , Data in Test Method will not comitt to Database .It is only checking your class logic .

But , in any case if there is any schedule Job then you can find here : Setup | Monitoring | Scheduled Jobs . If you can find then under Developer console you can run this script to Abort this Job : System.abort('YOU JOB ID');

Else, log a case with SFDC they will abort your Job .


Yeap ur correct .. testmethod wont be generate any job id ... Better i will create a case ..