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Changing a picklist value is not changing the dependent picklist value during mass update.



We have a dependent cutom picklist field called status detail, depending on standard field status on case object. The status value NEW does not have any dependent picklist values associated with it where as other status values have one or two status detail values associated with them. When I change the status of the case to NEW manually, the status detail goes blank automatically which is correct. But when I do mass update or run a batch to change the status to NEW, the status detail of the previous status remains. It does not go blank. 


Any Help?


Thank You



What you are seeing is the correct system behaviour.
Dependency are enforced on the UI level only and not on the records.
For batches/Api this field is just another String/Text field and it will save whatever is inserted there.

So sum up. If you change a value using API there wont be any change in values of dependent picklist. These are just enforced at UI /Pagelayout level.