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Post-install script failing in production, no exception e-mail sent to apex user.

I'm attempting to install a new release of a managed package in a production org and the install is failing with the following error:


Error Message: The post install script failed.


I should also be receiving an exception e-mail sent to the "Notify on Apex Error" user for the managed package as configured in the source org.  However, I'm not receiving that e-mail.  The apex user is active and has a valid e-mail address and I do get other apex exception e-mails to that address but the post-install exceptions aren't being sent apparently.  I've verified these aren't being caught as spam as well.


Anything else I'm missing?



Craig Pemberton 3Craig Pemberton 3
We are also encountering this problem. Any word on this issue?
Van DungVan Dung
I got the same issue. Do you have any idea??