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add profiles to unmanaged package



      How to achieve this?


                      I want to add custom profiles(salesforce licence)  unmanaged package when i uploaded package will show profiles in components. But when in install package in other organization profiles will not appear.

am checking my Developer account. Is there any limits for developer account? adding profilesetting to package it will display one note like:


NOTE: Profile Settings include object permissions, field-level security, and layouts, that map to the installer's selected profiles during installation. The profile itself will not be installed.  



any one suggest any idea?


Thank you

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Hi Varun99,
Profiles cannot be directly included in a Package, Please see the link below for the list of available components that can be included in the package.
However, we can match existing profiles to grant permissions by – “Profile Settings”. Profile settings are applied to existing profiles.
You can use permission sets or profile settings to grant permissions and other access settings to a package. When deciding whether to use permission sets, profile settings or a combination of both consider the similarities and differences.
For detailed description on Permisison Sets and Profile Settings, see the link below,

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