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James S.ax1698James S.ax1698 

Last activity for opportunity

Hi - we want to have an easy way to view the last activity completed on a lead or opportunity and the next activity, by reading the relevant logged activity data, and taking subject, type, date etc and fill it into lead/opportunities fields, all so that management can easily see on one line in a report what has happened, and what is to happen next.


Has anyone done similar to this?








To get the last modified data, You can do something like [select YOUR FIELDS from YOUR OBJECT order by Id Desc limit 1].


Hope this gets you started !

James S.ax1698James S.ax1698

Thanks Achillies - I added a new post with more description about my issue - dont suppose you'd know how to help?http://boards.developerforce.com/t5/Apex-Code-Development/Newby-code-help-please/td-p/602557 


would really appreciate any assistance