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You don't ordinarily use the Organization ID unless you need to identify the organization you're logged into (e.g. when contacting technical support). To query data, simply perform the relevant query API call. There are many means of accessing your organization's data, and this question is too far generic for anyone to provide any more information without a more specific goal in mind. Are you trying to back up the entire database? Query a specific set of records? Replicate this data to another database? Until you know what you're trying to do, we certainly can't give you much more information.

Good day Sfdcfox,
We do want to query directly against the records we have inside our cloud. Can you please share with more details to this?
There's not enough information here to help you. Where are you trying to query from? Where are you trying to get the data to? For example, a mobile app would use the REST API, while a Visualforce page would use Apex Code. There's many ways to get to the data, but without knowing exactly what you're trying to do, there's little we can do to help you.

You can look at the Technical Library on the top of this site; it will contain the information you seek, but you have to know what questions to ask, first.