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pagination on history object




Is it possible to pagination on field tracking historyobject am using standard set controller but am getting this visualforce error


"List controllers are not supported for Product_Table__History"


my standard set controller



public ApexPages.StandardSetController fiopagnation
get {
if(fiopagnation== null) {
fiopagnation= new ApexPages.StandardSetController(Database.getQueryLocator([Select ID,createddate,parentid,CreatedById,CreatedBy.Name,Field, OldValue, NewValue from Product_Table__History where parentid=:productid ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC]));
// sets the number of records in each page set
return fiopagnation;
public list<Product_Table__History> categories=new list<Product_Table__History>();
public List<Product_Table__History> getCategories()
categories = new List<Product_Table__History>();
for (Product_Table__History category : (List<Product_Table__History>)fiopagnation.getRecords())
return categories;


Is it possible to set pagination for history object adding wraper class?


Thank you