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Recruiting APP

where i get the WareHouse  App and  Recruiting App ? ple send me the link (not pdf ).


                                      (i want developed App to do practice )


subbu123.pbt@gmail.com wrote:


                                      (i want developed App to do practice )

Subbu123, you now have both options. My post will take you to links to install the apps, abinaya's point you to the instructions on how to build the applications. Either way, have fun and post back if you have questions.


while i impoting Recruiting App from App Exchange , After i enter user name and pass word , it showing error 

that is   "relation ships sre exiting "


Note: previouly i developed  helf part of  Recruting App (page no 1 to  135 in pdf )  is it problem ?



hi everybody
             In recruitment app when i am creating users in profile field i am not getting any profile and user licence field there in no salesforce option  . How to get those field values please suggest me . 
Mayank PandyaMayank Pandya
I am in process of building recruitment app as per book from " Force.com Platform Fundamentals - An Introduction to custom application development in the cloud" Version 9.2 Aug 2016.
I am on unit - 6 Page :143  and 144.  
Use the Import Wizard . I already downloaded and extracted Sample data CSV file as per page # 142
Url : https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.fundamentals.meta/fundamentals/adg_relationships_dl_sample_data_try_it_out.htm
Url : https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.fundamentals.meta/fundamentals/adg_relationships_import_wizard_try_it_out.htm
( I do not see Step-4 while importing Data )
Error Details after import of Job application.csv :

"","false","false","INVALID_FIELD:Foreign key external ID: george@schnell.com not found for field Name in entity Candidate__c:--" "
Import of Candidates.csv went thru but import of Positions.csv and Job application csv failed. I am not sure what i am missing and i matched as per written on page 143 and 144. Also i observed that some of the steps mentioned on pdf book does not match with import wizard. I tried to use Data loader it does load all files but showing me unrelated values. Example : Position Name : a00f400001u
jitendra sharma 23jitendra sharma 23
Hi Mayank,

did u get solution for this, even i am stuck here, can u plz provide solution if u r done .
Mayank PandyaMayank Pandya
@jitendra Sharma ....Yes i did resolved this by getting help on this community board only. Unfortunately i do have that answer url but try to search with different key word for same problem and you will get answer here.
Darina TrifonovaDarina Trifonova
Hello, can I have the url for Ursa Major Solar app as well? I need it for training as well and it's not on AppExcgange also. 
Thank you.

how to assign profiels to multiple users when salesforce license is limited. please help.
I stuck at creating list of users in Recruitment app and profile assign "Standard Employee"
i couldn't create because of limited licenses
Vinay Prasad 9Vinay Prasad 9
The Recruitment app source is no longer available 


Can anyone give an updated link of this PDF file
If anyone has these two PDF's would love to get it from you. I found this older version of the PDF from 2009 but was looking for the newest version before they took it down.
Thomas John 16Thomas John 16
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