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too many dml rows error?

Hey guys-


I'm getting an error in testing "too many dml rows".  This is just an after update trigger that calls a class that will insert a custom object record when an opp gets updated to meet some criteria.


I think the error is due to me having a for loop in the trigger, then calling a class that has a for loop in it, but I'm not sure how to resolve this.



 if (Trigger.isAfter) {

            for(Opportunity opp5:  Trigger.new) 
                if(Trigger.isUpdate && opp5.Threshold__c=='1' && Trigger.oldMap.get(opp5.Id).Threshold__c!='1')

                   ServicesEngagementManager seFromOpp = new  ServicesEngagementManager();

 Anyone see how to fix this issue?  The trigger works in sandbox but i can't move to prod bc of this too many dml row issue on bulk testing




    public void createEngagement2 (List<Opportunity> oppsFromTrigger)
        List< SFL5_Projects__c> engagementList = new List<SFL5_Projects__c>();
        for(Opportunity currentOpp: [SELECT Id,Services_to_be_Delivered_by__c,Owner.Id,Probability,Threshold__c,Account.Id,Account.Name,Region__c,
                                                       Name From Opportunity WHERE id IN: oppsFromTrigger])
            SFL5_Projects__c se = new SFL5_Projects__c();
                if(currentopp.Account.Region__r.RSA_Manager__r.Id!=null &&  currentopp.Account.Region__c !=null)
                se.OwnerId = currentopp.Account.Region__r.RSA_Manager__r.Id;
	        } else
		se.OwnerId = currentOpp.Owner.Id;
                se.Name = 'Services Engagement for: '+ currentOpp.Account.Name;
                se.Opportunity__c = currentOpp.Id;
                se.Client__c = currentOpp.AccountId;
                se.Region__c = currentOpp.Region__c;
                se.Region__c = currentOpp.Region__c;
                se.Project_Status__c = 'Active';
                se.Services_Amount__c = currentOpp.Professional_Services__c;
                se.Services_to_be_Delivered_by__c = currentOpp.Services_to_be_Delivered_by__c;


if (Trigger.isAfter) {

 List<Opportunity> filteredOps = new  List<Opportunity>();
 for(Opportunity opp5:  Trigger.new) {
    if(Trigger.isUpdate && opp5.Threshold__c=='1' && Trigger.oldMap.get(opp5.Id).Threshold__c!='1') {
 ServicesEngagementManager seFromOpp = new  ServicesEngagementManager();

 You are putting dml in a loop, do something like above or move your Threshold__c change logic filter inside your helper class and pass all the opps if that makes more sense.



Never do DML operation or write SOQL query within for loop. It is not a best practice. Try to follow the above method mentioned by Tesii to add those opportunity ids' in a list and then call the class outside for loopr so that the insert will occur outside the for loop the error limit.


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too many dml rows error : this error generally happens if you are effecting more than 10K records in a transactions. More precisely doing DML on 10K records.


Due to inefficient use of loops you seek to be doing DMLs on all the records in evey iteration and it piles up. Well go through the bulkifing process the end result will look something lik tesil's code