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Making Tabs active

I now have a fewTabs for  visualforce pages on my navigation bar.


The problem is that when I choose a page, that page's Tab does not become the active one.


What do I do to fix that?


Here is a sample page:

<apex:page standardController="Case" extensions="CaseExtension">
<apex:stylesheet value="{/Resources.ForteStyles.css}" />
.hv{text-align:left;font-size:1.2em; color: #1fbdf2;font-weight:bold;}
<apex:pageBlock title="My Requests" >
<apex:form >
<apex:dataTable value="{!cases}" var="s" columns="5" cellspacing="15" >
<apex:column headerValue="Request Number" headerClass="hv">
<apex:outputLink value="/apex/Viewed_Request?CaseNumber={!s.CaseNumber}">{! s.CaseNumber}</apex:outputLink>
<apex:column value="{! s.Subject}" headerValue="Subject" headerClass="hv" />
<apex:column value="{! s.CreatedDate}" headerValue="Date/Time Opened" headerClass="hv" />
<apex:column value="{! s.Ownerid}" headerValue="Request Owner" headerClass="hv" />

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Neha LundNeha Lund

You need to give the API name



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with <apex:page> tag there is a attribute "tab style" put the tab name in it the tab style
Neha LundNeha Lund

<apex:page tabStyle="CustomObject__c">





You need to add tabStyle attribute in <apex:page> as:

Suppose you have a VF tab name "ShowRecords" and you need if you open a page this tab become active do this:

<apex:page tabStyle="ShowRecords__tab">



I tried the following:

 <apex:page standardController="Case" extensions="CaseExtension" tabStyle="My Requests">


But I get:

Error: Invalid tabStyle 'My Requests' specified. If you are trying to reference a custom Visualforce tab, you must append '__tab'.



I tried: 

<apex:page standardController="Case" extensions="CaseExtension" tabStyle="My Requests_tab">

and received the same error message.

thanks Neha for snippet
Neha LundNeha Lund

You need to give the API name



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Neha LundNeha Lund



Neha LundNeha Lund

You have put only one underscore, put two..


Good to see now the days there are lot of people to help :)

i changed the name of the tab to be My_Requests_c


and this worked:  tabStyle="My_Requests_c__tab"


Thank you so much for your help


I now realize that this have also worked with:  tabStyle="My_Requests__tab"


What is the advantage of making the tab name: My_Requests_c