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force.com IDE and Devoloper console

Hi I'm new to apex development,


I'm just trying to get a general idae on the tools available and when to use them.


When do you use the eclipse force.com IDE vs the Developer console?


writting code I assume you do in the IDE.

how about debugging?  

and test runs?  I'm finding I sometimes get errors on tests run in salesforce.com but not in the IDE.

do people generally deploy from IDE or salesforce.com?


Phrased another way,  what do you do in the devloper console, and what do you do in the IDE?



Thanks for any insight..  



Try to deploy using IDE only , otherwise changesets may take some more time for doployments .

Also , developer console is easy and fast way for checking recent debug for your code . Otherwise ,you can manually set debug logs per user context under SetUp |Monitoring .

Hi Joe,


Developer Cosole is a tool provided by salesforce to run small code snippet in short time.


Force.com IDE is used to code multiple lines program. Similarly, you can debug in Force.com IDE using breakpoints.


For deployment, I have never used option provided by Force.com IDE. I have used Change sets which is easy option to deploy code to salesforce.com organization.




Hi Joe, 


The Developer Console has been upgraded and improved with better functionality and features recently. 

Writing code can be done in Force.com IDE, 

Testing can be better done in Developer Console and 

The best tool for Deploying is Metadata API (ANT). 

See some related notes below,