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Getting login information since feb,such as number of logins and user names

Hi All,

I know this is not the right thread for my questiom.However,I am putting it so that somebody can help me as soon as possible.

How can I retrieve login information for the last couple of months such as username and number of logins?.I do not want  to go to login history to get that information as I can see mor than 20 thousand  logins and I do not want to look for every field and then calculate manually the total number of logins.Is there a way to fo this.Is is possiblle to do it through dashboard etc.?

Of course. You can just go to the Reports tab, choose New Report, and click on Administrative Reports > Users. You can make it a summary report by username, add the Login Date/Time field to the page, and run the report. You'll get each user grouped by login date (you can group by calender week, month, year, etc). Hide the details and you'll get a brief overview of the users' login history.