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How to display contact records in revers order? (Account have multiple contacts)

I have an Account1 record under that i have 10 Contacts.
I want tow display contacts in flow charts like in attched document.
i m getting contacts records List<Contact> con{get;set;} like

public List<Contact> getAllContacts(){
con=[SELECT Name FROM Contact where Account1_C='AccID']; 
return con;
}catch(Exception e){
return null;
In Page i m using <apex:repeat> i m displaying in all values.

But it need in 1st row only 7 contacts after reverse order in need display contacts,for last record i don't want arrow image.

How to do in salesforce,I know in JSP how to do using loop



I didn't fully understood what you need but:

if you add

"ORDER BY [fieldName] DESC LIMIT 7"

to the query,  this will help you get only the last 7 contacts, and then you can add this to any chart upi 




My my requirement?like this
I have 10 records in my contact object, but I need in first row only 7 contacts after ?reverse order?
I need display contacts, for last record i don't want arrow image.?you can see the screen short as an attached.


You need to work a lil on the query!


When you talk about order, what do you mean by it ? I mean the record should be ordered on what basis ?


Well A general query would be(to reverse and limit it to 7 records)


con=[SELECT Name FROM Contact where Account1_C='AccID' ORDER BY <Field API> DESC LIMIT 7]; 

 Where <Field API> is the api name of the field by which you want to order the records like say if you want contact to order by  "Name"


con=[SELECT Name FROM Contact where Account1_C='AccID' ORDER BY Name DESC LIMIT 7]; 

Hi Avidev,


Whatever your said all r correct. but requirement not like that.
can you give your mail id i'll sharing my screenshort. other wise how to upload image in discussionboard,  i dn't?

Just try the above query it should work.

Hi Avidev,

That's not my requirement, give ur mail id, i'll send screen short.