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Can you please help me with this?


How to save the scheduled reports and save the csv file on to an FTP site from salesforce?


Please let me know in detail.




You can't currently do this directly. I'm actually working on a solution to that, but it's low priority because of my actual full-time job. In the interim, you can email the CSV to a server and have it picked up by a script on the receiving end (e.g. a cron job that kicks off a Perl script to FTP the data to the destination server), or send a message to a server and have it processed (this is the project I'm currently working on).

For automatic loading, a CSV file from Salesforce to FTP take a look at Skyvia (https://skyvia.com/data-integration/integrate-salesforce-ftp). It's a no coding cloud-based service with a pretty simple GUI and flexible scheduling settings.