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CVent integration

Has anyone experience troubled with the cvent integrations that would cause attendee number to calculate incorrectly or be overwritten with a wrong number?


Thanks in Advance


Gina GarciaGina Garcia
Hi, I am having difficulty to log in to Cvent API Web Service. I am always getting "Access is denied." Could you please share your code in logging in to Cvent API Web Service.? Many thanks.
Lawrence Ross 9Lawrence Ross 9
//V200611 WSDL Login Authentication Method
    public Boolean login(){ 
        String acctNum  = '*********'; 
        String userName = '*********'; 
        String pwd      = '*********'; 
            schemasCventComApi200611.LoginResult result = ws.Login(acctNum, userName, pwd);
            apiCventCom200611.CventSessionHeader session = new apiCventCom200611.CventSessionHeader();
            session.CventSessionValue = result.CventSessionHeader;
            ws.CventSessionHeader = session;
            Boolean success;
            if (result.LoginSuccess) {
                success = true;
                System.debug('Login succesfull'); //PASSED
                success = false;
                System.debug('Login failed');
           return success;