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After Update trigger

can any one knows , say what is best & real time scenarioas  for trigger after update ? 


If you would like to work with system generated fields then you have to use the after trigger.


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ok i can use , but what do in the body of the trigger ?
i want exactly scenario of real time , bacause in interview every time asking ..... kindly say thank u ...............

Use Case 1 - After Triggers


If Account owner is changed, all of its contacts owners should also be changed.


Use Case 2 - Before Triggers


Restrict changing the owner of Account and throw an error if new owner is not part of default Account team.


Please tell me about object relationship. I will give you a scenario.


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Salesforce generaly excute trigger in two context

    1-before data is commited

     2- After data is commited.


After trigger is helpful when you are updating some other object record (related), basically when you will have recordid.


I am sharing a good link about trigger , please go through this link,